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Blade & Soul: Are you ready for PvP Season 1?
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Wysłany: 2016-04-13, 07:11   Blade & Soul: Are you ready for PvP Season 1?

NCsoft announced that the first 1v1 PvP season of Blade & Soul will begin on April 13. Compete for honor, glory, and the ultimate reward: costumes.

The first 1v1 PvP season begins on April 13, and those looking to prove their worth as masters of their martial arts will have new rewards to collect. In addition to rewards gained at the end of the season, weekly rewards will also be given out for participating and maintaining—or improving—your class rank. Distribution of rewards occurs during the weekly Wednesday (PDT) server maintenance. The rewards don't contain Blade and Soul gold .

Along with the official in-game season rewards, we’re also giving out exclusive rewards to the winners of partnered NCSoft community tournaments. Win a community tournament with the below partners during Season 1 and receive first-chance at a Bamboo Costume bundle, including head gear and costume, as well as Hongmoon coin. You can also win a Bamboo Costume just by watching the events live, as these tournament organizers will have costumes to give out during their streams.

Seasonal Rewards

These rewards are delivered at the end of the season, and any costumes provided will only remain in the recipient’s inventory for 60 days. If you see someone wearing one of these costumes, you know they earned it by being among the best in the previous season.

Each rank has corresponding rewards. So if you want to know more information,please go to
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